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„SACRED RELATIONSHIPS” 5-day shamanic retreat in Poland (Drs. David Thomson and Mattie Davis-Wolfe )

Sierpień 19 @ 1:00 pm - Sierpień 24 @ 1:00 pm


SACRED RELATIONSHIPS: men and women, women and men.

POLAND August 19-24, 2018 Kawkowo TU I TERAZ center www.tuiteraz.eu

Shamanic Awakening Workshop with Drs. David Thomson and Mattie Davis-Wolfe of Sacred Circles Institute, Seattle, USA www.sacredcircles.org

From David Thomson :

Will you also ask each participant to bring 2-3 stones for the sweat lodge, roughly 15-20 cm in diameter? ❤️

In English with Polish translation.

These are extraordinary times. Life itself is asking us to wake-up – to manifest a better world – not only to survive but thrive – to consciously correct and recreate how we live on this beautiful planet, our home.

The founder of Visa, Dee Ward Hock, said about this time: “We are at the very point in time when a 400-year old age is dying and another is struggling to be born – a shifting of culture, science, society and institutions enormously greater than the world has ever experienced. Ahead, the possibility of the regeneration of individuality, liberty, community, and ethics such as the world has never known, and a harmony with nature, with one another, and with the divine intelligence such as the world has never dreamed.”

This revolution in how we live our personal dreams and serve the greater good requires a reorientation of our relationships. We no longer have the luxury to be inner or outer “Beasts” to ourselves, each other, society, or the planet. True “Beauty” is required. Our naïve innocence has to mature and evolve into full acceptance, integration, and transformation of our shadowy natures. We have to reach through sorrow to the gold that resides deep within each one of us in order to live up to our true potential. And, Yes! We can have fun doing it!

David and Mattie will caringly and strongly lead workshop participants on a journey of transformational awakening. Both separately and together as circles of women and men, we will participate in ancient and modern shamanic teachings and initiatory practices for finding the golden beauty within that produces healing and powerful outward expressions.

At this workshop we will:

  • Utilize drumming, movement, shamanic song, guided visualization journeys, questing, and play and celebration to make our human heart sing and our soul dance again.
  • Shed old stories and limiting beliefs to release and heal the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual suffering that holds us back from our best and brightest life
  • Sweat lodge…
  • Find the perfect prayer of expression of who we truly are, and emerge with a clearer sense of our own stunning beauty and power

Come discover a brighter beautiful version of yourself and your work in the world as part of a loving community in which each of us is essential to the whole, and where pleasure, grief, joy, sadness, and even silliness can be sources of deep healing and transformation.

Drs. Mattie Davis-Wolfe and David Thomson are the founders and directors of Sacred Circles Institute (USA), and are both college professors, counselors, and authors.  They have been traveling to Poland since 1994 to teach about the sacredness of life through “spirit in action” workshops and gatherings based largely on their extensive time with indigenous elders, healers, and ceremonial leaders from North and South America, Mexico, Finland, and Russia. They are experienced, evocative, fun, and engaging teachers who deeply touch peoples’ hearts and lives. www.sacredcircles.com

Venue: www.tuiteraz.eu – you will have to make your own way to get there! About 220 km North from Warsaw. Website is in English!!

After the workshop Mattie and David will stay in Kawkowo to open with the ceremony „YES CLAN PEOPLE GATHERING”, August 24-26. You re welcome to stay for that weekend. No additional charge, but you have to cover your own accommodation and food for the weekend.

To enroll email Inspiration Seminars office: foley@foley.com.pl

Cost: approx. 1.800 zł (500 US $) including accommodation (double rooms) and full vegetarian board (3 meals a day) paid in cash ONLY (zł or US$) upon arrival at the center.


„This 5-days Sacred Relationship workshop is an experience of partnership in spiritual growth – embracing your relationship as a vehicle for your awakening – your relationship as a Spiritual Path. Whether you are currently in a partnership or want to get ready for the kind of consciousness that prepares you for a divine mate, the workshop will take you on a journey into the mysterious realms of love, connection, sacred sexuality and the soul’s journey to spiritual union. Whether currently partnered, or seeking, whether ready or healing, this workshop will be an experience of union. Same-sex couples warmly welcomed.

Using cross-cultural shamanic and alchemical techniques of love and play, sacred dance and drama, meditation and breath, 4 elements healing, sacred sexuality, mirror work, art and ceremony we will discover how ancient traditions can help us make a radical shift into a new way of partnering in the modern world.

The destiny of the Sacred Relationship is to create balance and harmony through expanded love. This is a workshop about Love.

We start the first day with an Andean fire ceremony called a “Despacho”.  This practice is a core part of ancient and modern Inka healing practices. 

Then we will split into women’s groups and men’s groups.

Working with David, the men will focus on the sacred masculine using universal archetypes in order to honor and understand one half of the mystical union. They will utilize Pullkyu (Sacred play) to heal childhood wounds and will cleanse and prepare their spirit bodies using the sweat lodge. Mattie and Ewa will work with the women and the Sacred Feminine to heal past heart wounds and step into a balanced feminine power. The women will also cleanse and prepare their spirit bodies on a “medicine walk” and in the sweat lodge. 

The workshop will utilize this alchemical format of splitting in the mornings and rejoining in the afternoons (“the Coniunctio”) to weave together all the learnings for creating mystical union. The creative talents of the groups will be utilized to ensure we remain open to something radically new for allowing the power of the ancient Mystical Union to bring healing hope to today’s world. 

Using the sacred pipe, evenings will be spent in creative ritual and sacred ceremony to seal the healing and learning from the day. Our final closing ceremony will be a jointly created act of threshold art to send us on our mystical journey back to our loved ones, work and home.

We await our time together!”

Mattie and David


Sierpień 19 @ 1:00 pm
Sierpień 24 @ 1:00 pm
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